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i'm going to a place i can be out of control.. [entries|friends|calendar]

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long lost entry! [05 Nov 2004|06:13pm]
[ mood | cold ]

why hellllooooo lj community!! its been awhile and i just found myself so bored online that i decided to grace the whole 3 people who actually read my journal with a little entry!! hmm so what's been new...
i'm going to the university or pittsburgh!! yay a city with lots o men far far away! tis exciting!! i asked mr.welsey, the love of my life, if i could start like slacking off and hes like well no but do the best you can...well the best i can do is like c's...and he said ok...lol so thats settled, even though school doesnt technically really matter anymore, it's still work..i wish i were good at histroy, b/c even though i hate euro..i love mr. miller and dont want him to think im stupid!!!
ummm, yeah its been a bad week, ive been in a soiled mood for most of it b/c bush won the election...yeah theres nothing i can do but its still so upsetting, dina, ms. miller and pfaffy seem to be the only ones who share my pain! yeah but lets not bring it up...i know everyone who reads this is liek pro-bush and i jsut dont wanna talk about it with ya! ;)..this whole election thing made me realize that i dont really like take other views/opinions well..i mean im not about to like shut the person out but it makes me wonder how/why people think the way they do..i mean yes, everyone is different but hmm i dunno, im wierd but when it comes to something i feel strongly about its hard for me to be open minded...
im in dire need of some male attention, i mean aleks is great and all but ya know...lol im not even going in it..just send me some lovin' god!...please ;)

ok im done...mwaaa...comment!

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it's in the sciences, genetically proven.. [08 Sep 2004|05:25pm]
[ mood | contemplative ]

hey guys and gals! well, mostly gals...
ok so summer is officially over and another school year has begun, ugh its all oh so depressing..it was the best summer and its done :(
yeah so today was the last first day of high school, ahh i cant wait to graduate...school felt so different this year...i cant pin point it, its just that the school seems so much bigger and colder (figurativly speaking..obviously since thje school is a fucking oven)..theres all these teeny tiny youngins running around ands just w/e...maybe it feels that way b/c everyone is so anxious to leave..hmm i dunno...
well my classes were okay and the one that was annoying is being dropped like a bad habit(haha ron!) and im quite excited b/c now roni and i have lunch together! ahh..its no applebee's on a sunny summer day a 3 pm but it'll do!
i have alot of male teachers this year...among them, tamaccio who is the cutest/funniest/nicer man ever and mr. moxie who scares the shit outta me so i just undress him with my eyes instead haha if you saw him, you know hes hot lol
i havent really seen any of my old teachers except reilly for homeroom who's always nice lol
i hate calculus :( not only b/c my class sucks but b/c its gonna be hard...hmmm
im very musical this year...choir and piano lab all the way! haha good times..
the best class is def physics but we'll see after we actually start learning..
ahh the school is hot as balls! i hate it!
ok well there go myy random thoughts..
comment! ya know ya wanna ;)!

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i'm loving angels instead <3 [14 Aug 2004|01:28pm]
[ mood | bitchy ]

heyy motherfuckers...lol i just love saying that word now, dont know why...
im at work and bored/tired as anything! my bosses are freaking slave drivers who expect me to work like 24/7 but i put myfoot down b/c im just not having that shit! i think im going shopping with my mom today after work..i need shoes like no other!

yeah so last night was fun, of course ;) the girls and i went to lizs and just chilled, ate, talked, acted stupid...ya know, the norm...haha somehow, it just doesnt get old...
roni got her hair did and it looks gooood...i tired to make an appt with jenna but she doesnt work on tues so im sticking with mine, which is good too..i like amy..im just nervous to color my hair...lol but its only like brown so w/e

um yeah so nothing else really new...school is too soon, and i still havent even started my art histroy hw..i just hate writing essays at work but now that im not gonna be here so much, ill do it at home..i feel like i havent been home in forever lol

400 dollar paycheck on monday and im hitting up kop...ahh the joys of shopping..

i think im so hungry and tired that im talking out of my ass..yup, i am

so on that note...im out...stupid entry but please comment <3 love ya

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if love were liquid, it would drown me... [10 Aug 2004|10:55am]
[ mood | sleepy ]

haha so wanna here a funny sotry? my mom just calls me and is like remember when i came into your room last night and im like nooo....and she said that i told her to come in my room and lay with me and hug me! haha i do NOT remember saying that!!! haha how wierd is that?? lol hmm i must've been talking in my sleep...wow i really need to find me a man haha...
so last night...me liz gal and roni made SMOOTHIES!! haha finally...they were good but i stil want a store smoothie! they are like nowhere to be found in pa!! it was fun, then we went to wawa whihc looks insanely different! i like it tho...
yeahhh so right now im at work..i get to leave at like 3 today! yay...im planning on going to the mall alone to try on seven jeans...i just have an urge...i wanna buy a new pari of jeans and im willing to pay the insane amount for sevens...hmm i dunno why, maybe b/c i am COMPLETELY FINISHED PAYING MY STUPID ASS CREDIT CARD BILL! yay!!!
i really need to finish my summer hw..im almost done euro...the school thing shouldnt take much longer..and aleks and i need to hit up museums for art histroy! grr i dont want schoool to start...
im getting my hair cut and colored on the 17th...haha getting my hair cut esp colored is like always a huge deal...dont really know why...
yeah well this was a random little entry...but you better comment, i mean it!!! mwa loves <3

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i'll remember.... [08 Aug 2004|02:37pm]
[ mood | dorky ]

hey lj'ers!! i just woke up, first time ive gotten to sleep late all summer! me roni and gal are supposed to go down the shore now but i dont know where they are! haah prob sleeping b/c ron is an effin insomniac! gotta love ehr, tho...i love those girls so much...you can def tell that you click with people when you have the best time from simply sitting and talking or watching a movie...its like thier company is enough for a good time and no other bs is needed...
aww <3 im expressing my feelings through lj :)
haha so yesterday, i had the biggest urge to play mario on the old school nintendo/super nintendo! so liz and i went to the game store and they only have n64 :( well i got it anyway and ive been trying to win mario like all day but its so different now! this shit is all 3-d high tech and me no like it!
well then last night, me liz roni and gal went to dinner and then to mildres..it was fun of course...saw kill bill...very good but bloody! i wanna see volume 2 tho b/c i feel unsatisfied!
aleks and i have every single class togehter next year but 2! thats ALOT of classes but im not really nervous b/c aleks and i get sick of ach other for 2 min and then we start talking again..lol shes special ;) we need to find a good snack to share next year!! aleks, i found the tastycake carb free bars, you'll like them! haha
i dont want this summer to end...but im anxious for school..hmm its been a damn good summer!
well im gonna go shower b/c i feel dirty, i know there isnt enough soap in the world to change my dirtiness, but ima try! haha mwa <3

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will it taste like candy, will it be that sweet? [04 Aug 2004|01:14am]
[ mood | content ]

heyy guys and gals..well mostly gals..
lol wahts up?? not much here..today i went to work which sucked as usual..i litterally pray to get fired lol i just cant stand work anymore but i need money esp since i finally paid off my credit card bill! yay!!! yeah so chilled with lizzy and roni, it was fun as usual :) we baked haha, you will soon be able to join our community properly name The Suzy Homemaker Community ;)..its recipes and baking tips galore! haha
yeah so tomorrow is my day off! YAY! im thinking im gonna go to cvs, buy the redken shampoo that's good for my hair and finally straighten it b/c this whole disgusting curly deal isnt working for me! lol then liz and i are going to shcool to change her math..i hope shes in physics with me and i hope bill and whateverface chelsea is there too so liz and i can enjoy ourselves by fucking with them! haha its about damn due time!
omg outback jack is the best show! ya gotta see it! that slut maria is off, thank you very much! what a hussie! making sexual gestures aint gonna get you with a distinguished austrailian gentleman! nu ugh!!! lol ok well im done for now..please comment! and tell your friends to also! haha i need lj friends :( would you liek to be one?? <3

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you should've known your girl was gonna ride or die... [03 Aug 2004|01:15pm]
[ mood | blank ]

what up! yeah so yesterday i was at school a total of 3 times! haha the first one to get rid of french and add calc, the second time to add individual and society and intro to law..then the secretary calls me to tell me my schedule wont work b/c it cant fit in ap environmental...we finally sorted it out and now it fits perfectly and i know my schedule for senior year..
1) physics
2) ap european history
3) ap art history
4) indivudal and intro to law
5) english 12 h
6) gym
7) study hall/photography
8) honors calc

its not a horrible schedule except im not too excited about having physics first period :(
yeahh so last night was fun..after going random places with liz gal roni and aleks, aleks and i went to fridays..my chicken things sucked :(
after that we stopped by yarivs to get liz and go to wawa..on the way there, my stupid ass sees like 2 boys in the distance so of i couse i cant help but yelling "woo hoo!" for fun haha then liz is like "is that my cousin" haha it was! well that was funny..haha then i went back to lizs and we watched infomertials...ugh we soo want the magic bullet(a magical like chopping/blender machine) but its 100 dollars! WTF?! yeah so we're planning on just stealing it! haha
well i have to go get ready for work soon :( where is my roni?! i cant find her! mwa <3

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if love were human, it would know me... [02 Aug 2004|03:05am]
[ mood | bouncy ]

yooo loves! whats crackalackin'? lol that was gay, im in a hyper moood! please pay attention to my super hot new jenna jameson icon..ahh i love her, i wanna be the queen of porn :( lol j/k, not really kidding but..haha
yeah so tonight was funnnn...went to roniqua's house as usual then we met up with lizzy, gal and reg at applebee's..must say the food was not up to par today but what can ya do..some funny convo..haha about how funny russian people are when they curse haha it is funny..then me liz and ron proceeded (is it proceeded or preceeded..hmm) to go to superfresh, what else is new lol, to buy baking supplies for our cake! we're such suzy homemakers! it was really good and fun and win a date with tad hamilton is a great movie...i could just eat up kate bosworth, shes soo cute!
im going to school tomorrow to change ma schedule...im dropping french and taking honors calc..fuck french and madame! i hate her, she butchers that language with her classless ways! plus, id rather take something usefull than get like barely a b- in some shit that will never be usefull...i do love french tho...whjatever, ill just speak it with aleks when im in the mood lol who needs madame?!
ahh well im going to hit the sack now...ill update lata! mwaa <3

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stick around, i'm not the kinda girl you wanna leave... [01 Aug 2004|12:41pm]
[ mood | blah ]

heyy lj'ers! look at me, i'm updating! haha so whats been new? im currently at work and ever so bored! i just ate the prailenes and creme atkins advantage bar...it was very good! lol yeahh so last night was soo fun! me, liz, roni and gala went downtown to south street...liz made me the most amazing cd (well to those of you who dont enjoy old school pop song might not find it so amazing, but i LOVE it) so the ride there was fun, i love those songs ;)..we went out to dinner, whcih was really good then went to gabe's appartment..i havent seen that kid in soo long since he like got mad at me for no reason lol yeah it was nice, hes different now but he's still like a teddy bear inside lol it was fun, then we went to super fresh (what else is new, i think ron and i have been to superfresh a total of like 50 times during the whole summer..we know the whole late nite crew lol including my love letter lover ;) haha ron) yeah so went there, got ice cream..then went to wawa where ron got on the floor and yelled for ciggarettes haha shes my little winner, lemme tell ya! while we were there, we saw a drunken shawn ladner haha liz and i always see him like with some young freshie or sophmore taging along..yeah hes trying to mack up on that shit!
the thing that really pisses me off about writing in lj is theres like no format..i dont know where to like start a new paragraph or where to indent and it drives me insane! maybe thats why i never write in it, i need some structure! lol saorry that was random but you all know how random i am lol
yeah so it was a fun night, you have to read so_true's journal b/c she has some funny pics! lol i need to start taking pictures...hmm ill get around to it..
its the first of august and i really need to start all my summer hw today, i promised myself lol i just gotta do it! ugh school is soo soon..i mean im excited but half not, im excited to stop work, ill tell ya that much! grr its getting on my nerves, as is that stupid bitch elena i work with..eww long story lol...oh yeah, you should all be excited to know that im gonna pay off my whole credit card bill tom! FINALLY! lol thats been a life long stuggle..
i think im getting my hair died and cut on aug 15..its about time, i need to start straightening b4 it gets permanatly curly!
i read all these lj entries and people just put like everything they feel and wanna say out there and like type it up and i wish i could do that..i honostly have so mcuh i wanna say but i just cant bring myself to type it..i dont know why..its soo much eaier for me to say it, hmm...all i can say is that some people are just fucked up who do fucked up shit b/c they hang out with fucked up people and in the end they just end up fucked...yeah its like a never ending cycle..some people are like chameleons..they completely blend with thier surroundings...whoever theyre with that day, they change to adapt to them..i never understood that..to me, thats like being fake but on a completely larger scale..its like faking yourself out..i dunno if that makes sense but it makes sense in my head lol i dont wanna care..esp about someone who doesnt care if you care...eventually, i wont care anymore...
yeahh so sorry this was such a long entry..i guess it has to make up for all the other entries that i dont write..lol ill start writing more tho...mwa<3

p.s. whoever reads this...you BETTER comment! and ill comment too, i promise! ron, that means you!

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amanda is officially updating, baby! [28 Jul 2004|12:35am]
[ mood | hot ]

hey guys..yes, its true..ron has coaxed me into updated my lj..yeah i mean i guess i could update at work and i always have time to do it but i guess i just can't get into the habit of doing it..hmm im gonna try to though! went on the cruise..AMAZING TIME but im tired of recalling it for the 5000th time...so it's prob been to long to recall from my last update which was god knows how long so i'll just recall today's activies..hmm well i woke up pretty late and went to work..while i was driving to work, it was a HORRIBLE thunderstorm..i mean like driving to the point where i couldn't see! got out of the car and i felt like i was running through a freaking waterfall! hmm not too fun...work is really getting on my nerves..i mean the money is great, the hours aren't that bad but i just dont feel like going..the more money i get, the more i feel like i have to spend and i end up with nothing lol..i need to start saving, plus my bill is 350..i think im gonna pay it off very soon tho..yeahh so summer has been very fun overall..good times! lol for some reason, me, reg and ron are such bookworms! so we read and share books..so for those of you who haven't read it, you HAVE to read the da vinci code and def read tuesdays with morrie! omg my words dont even give justice to how amazing this book is! WOW..when you read it, call me and we'll confer..lol i need more lj friends haha but no one prob wants to be my friend since i like never update but hey lol...im trying to enjoy the month we have left before school (summer went by way TOO FAST) yet its gonna suck b/c i have to start all my hw..grr...college app is rolling around and im mucho excited/anxious/nervous...i think im jsut physching myself out by reading all those college webstites 24/7 lol i cant help it..sitting at my job gets quite boring so if you have any suggestions for books or websites, lemme know ;) well im gonna go upstairs now..hope my whole like 3 lj friends enjoyed this ;) lol mwa

p.s. i HIGHLY recommend getting the ashlee simpson cd..its incredible..to the point where i actually got excited that i had to sit in traffic b/c it meant listening to it longer..get it!

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I LOVE THIS MAN! [05 Jul 2004|07:03pm]
[ mood | geeky ]

im only updating so you can admire my icon...that is the most perfect person ive ever seen in my life!! omg i looove gale harold!! ron has gotten me hooked up queer as folk, more importantly...brian kinney!!! ahhh i love him

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[18 Jun 2004|11:16am]
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no more school! [14 Jun 2004|09:25pm]
[ mood | drained ]

today was the last offical day of school...yay!!! so exciting, even though it had to end with a horrible math final! i mean, bad! lol aleks and i hit up center city to reward ourselves for the hard work we've put it in all year haha...i got me some good shit..then maxie persuaded me into buying a hot yellow tube dress affter work, haha i love it tho..i love how no one is ever in smith brothers so it feels like my own personal store..lol good stuff..ugh bad stuff tho- i bought the nicest mac paint and then lost it! :( soo sad, aleks was there to dry my eyes tho..lol so i was thinking abotu how wierd it is that were seniors now..and i decided that i felt like i had to bid a proper farewall to 11th grade, even though it was the hardest academic year of my life...so here my list, because there def were some good time despite the hard shit!
10) hanging out in homeroom with gala, aleks and olga on a daily basis
9) listening to ms. mac make fun of olga and alla in chem, lol u must admit, its funny!
8) sitting in A.P. US while aleks runs in late, with a look on her face like she has a big sotry to tell me
7) sitting with reg and gal in math and making fun/fighting with cendrowski
6) dina me and aleks jacking off in gym and never doing anything lol
5) driving home with regina and reminsing about our day and the people in it
4) laughing hysterically in sex ed as ian makes presentations about porn and mr. roman gtalked about making prostitution legal
3) study hall ever monday and friday with justin, rachel, ian, jenny and friberg while ms. miller spazzed out and yelled at us
2) coming in late to 3rd period b/c regina and i woke up late and went to starbucks
1) sleeping in A.P. Bio during rappy's infamous "lectures" haha and leaving sam asleep in the room while school ends

yeahh def good times and senior year is gonna be awesome too...even though its gonna be a shit load of work :( 4 a.p.'s? hmm thats gonna be fun lol..college is so soon, i can like feel it and im just soo excited, i cant wait to get acceptance letters ( or rejection in that case)...it sounds so gay but i cant wait to see what the future holds :) i love you guys!

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sex sells ;) [03 Jun 2004|09:48pm]
[ mood | mellow ]

whats up sexpots..im getting back into the updating groove! yeah so tomorrow is the ap us trip and i am mucho excited! im prob gonna come in late too b/c, lets face it, i did not have the energry to read le petit prince..lol why isnt madame going into freaking labor already!
i went to power yoga at the gym today and it was the most INCREDIBLE experience ever...lol well maybe not the most, but it was amazing..i feel soo good right now :)
hmm..yeah so summer is so soon! i cant wait, so excited..it just sucks that i have like an insame amount of homework! 3 ap packets and that summer college thing, oy! speaking of college, im about like 85% sure that im gonna apply to NYU early decsion...it really is like so much less stress and i really wanna go there..but we shall see..ok well shower time, im gonna straighten my hair if it kills me!


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first update in...forever! [30 May 2004|03:47pm]
[ mood | drained ]

ok so i havent updated in forever but i just had the sudden urge to write in here, i dont know why but whatever...ok so lets recap with yesterday...
yesterday, the oddest thing happened..aleks and i went to the mall all ready to spend some money...and we left bloomies after like 5 min! lol for some reason, we didnt wanna shop nor buy anything. this has never happened to us before! all you who know us well should be very proud :)...so aleks and i are feeling all weak for some reason so we decide to get lost in jenkintown and stock up on red bull and cotton candy..haha those two together give u the same effects of like being high! mucho fun! lol then we went to visit dina at work where we fought with the biggest retard ever, it was the funniest thing ever! yeahh so sat night was an amazing time...dina and i journeyed(why cant i spell this word) all the way to newtown for this party in like god knows where...it wasnt that far but map quest is retarded and it made us get lost! when we finally got there it was like so many people and it was kinda egh at first since i couldnt drink andt here was like the most amazing alcohol like staring me in the face(smirnoff green apple twist, come on now!) but after we met all these people haha california guy, it was really fun..california will never be known as a state to me anymore, ugh my throat hurts now from like sitting outside looking at inappropriate body parts, the things people will do when ya ask them..sasha, u shouldve went!..lol ahh so now i just got back from the gym with aleks and im like drained as anything b/c i went to bed late and woke up for work at like 9:30 which was so pointless since it was empty and no one called...
tonight im going to SHAMPOO aka my favorite place ever! im soo freaking excited to dance and get ass raped...haha just kidding aleks ;) no but its gonna be awesome...jamie and cameran from real world are hosting! lol yay, i wanna like meet jamie so bad, shes so cute..lol my cousin is making me get her an autogrpah but im not about to ask someone who is like on real world and doesnt do anything for a piece of paper with her name on it..lol whoever thought of autogrpahs really was a tad deranged..lol yeahh so next weekend are the sat 2's..egh not really looking forward to it but ill only be there for like an hour so whatever..HARRY POTTER is also next weekened! yay..aleks and i are in the process of getting our scarves..lol ahh well mwaa* have a good memorial day weekend!

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i never really knew that you could dance like this... [13 Apr 2004|10:42pm]
[ mood | lethargic ]

hey guys...sorry i havent updated...today was an ok day, super tiring..i just woke up haha, i like passed out..i dont know why everyone is so beat but w/e! yeah so i found this survey and im in a survey kinda mood so ill take it! lol

Nicknames: man, i guess? lol

Home town: huntingdon valley, pa

Where are you living? still huntingdon valley...

What movies do you love? um center stage, dirty dancing havana nights, honey, ORANGE COUNTY(lol ron), old skool haha i like the dancing movies the best...

What will you be when you grow up? a person with a degree in biochemistry working at aa huge pharmeceutical corperation doing research for new drugs :) lol.

Will you ever grow up? what kinda q is that?! lol yes...

What are you into? umm shopping, dancing, and my friends :)

Action or Comedy? Comedy

Walk or Taxi? def taxi lol

Ozzy or Sharon? sharon

Yoga or Boxing? yoga..i loooove yoga

Cargo Pants or Jeans? jeans, they tend to go with more shirts lol

Madonna now or Madonna then? madonna then...she needs to accept the fact that her time is up and take her money and live a normal life lol

Trains or Planes? umm planes, they get you places faster

CD's or MP3's? cd's

NY or LA? umm ive never been in la but from what ppl tell me, i would love it soo i dunno...

London or Paris? LONDON! ive never been to both but i hate parisians! lol i love british boys and burberry...

Salty or Sweet? ahh sweet..

E-mails or Letters? e-mails, come on lets get with technology lol

Flipflops or Sneakers? flip flops, i never wear sneakers

Surf or Turf? lol what?? neither?

Sexy or Silly? sexy

Cable or Rentals? cable, renting takes too much energy lol

Coffee or Tea? coffee...starbucks = my love in life

Diet or Regular? um for pepsi diet..for other stuff, regular

Colin Farrell or Will Farrell? ahh colin..so hot

Single or Taken? single...and ready to mingle! lol sorry, had to say that...

If you could trade places with someone for a day, who would it be? britney!

Do you have any celebrity crushes? britney, prince william, brad pitt, paris hilton...lol i cant think of who else

Who are you most likely to be seen with these days? hmm different people lol

What is one of your fondest/favorite memories? ummm shampoo! lol good times...

What was your most embarrassing moment? giving a free peep show to the idiots across the street...lol soo bad

What's your favorite item? my fendi bag or my cell phone

What is your favorite singer or band? britney spears <3

What is your workout routine like? haha umm if i actually worked out anymore, the gym..

Do you have a favorite comfort food? tons- baskin robbins, muffins, cake, cookie dough and bananas..lol all sweet

What's your favorite vacation spot? cancun or dominican republic

Birthday: january 2nd

Any pets? pashinka...lol my cat

Travel essentials? phone, makeup and makeup remover

Life essentials? eye liner

Best book? catcher in the rye and one flew over the cuckoo's nest

Ideal afternoon? wake up at like 1...go out to lunch at applebee's with my girls, hit up king of prussia mall with alot of money...buys tons of things..then get ice cream :) lol

Ideal date? um nice, intelligent guy...with good manners!

Plans for summer? hmm college applications? lol

Tees or Tanks? hmm depends what kind...prob tanks thoguh

Rich or poor? rich!

Bare foot or Flip flops? flip flops...barefoot is just too unsanitary

First-class or Coach? first class baby lol

Europe or US? us unless ur in london

Car or SUV? car

Nick or Jessica? who cares, theyre both hot lol

Punk'd or Jackass? punk'd

Paris or Nicky? paris all the way!

Down or Foam? huh?????

Funny or Flirty? Funny, in a flirty way

Clean or Dirty? haha hmm clean on the street, dirty in bed..lol j/k!

Bottled or Tap? Bottled

Quiet Dinners or Club Hopping? club hopping all the frekaing way!

Beach or Pool? pool, i hate sand

Iced Tea or Iced Coffee? iced tea but i also really like iced coffee

Meditation or Massage? umm massage

Hip hop or Rock? hip hop!

Indies or Blockbusters? blockbusters

Beauty or Brains? both

Underdog or Overachiever? i wouldnt say overachiever but not underdog either

Love or Lust? the best love is with lust so both!

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yum... [10 Apr 2004|04:36pm]
yes i did my new template all by myself...im quite proud...omg how HOT is britney? enjoy! :)
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whats up.. [08 Apr 2004|04:40pm]
[ mood | lazy ]

heyy ljers...whats up? not much here..i haven't been wanting to update lately since none of you assholes left me comments on my last entry but what the hell, im quite bored! lol yesterday i had math tutor so i told my dad to tape the oc for me..well i guess the swan was on instead of oc last night so i watched that this morn...wow..that show gave me chills..its about ugly girls that get like every kind of plastic surgery imaginable to compete in a beauty pagent to see who will be the one crowned "THE SWAN" lol it was so just goood...the two transformations were amazing that i couldnt believe they were the same people...lol so theres my realty tv update, be sure to watch that show..its too good lol
umm what else? my nose is still stuffy but i stil really wanna go to shampoo tonight..they're having some event i forget, but i reallly wanna know..hmm i hope i will :) lol yeah i got my prom dress last night, its soo nice..its bcbg and black and i just love it..lol well with that, im going to read ap us so im not totally behind..love ya mwa

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hectic days.. [05 Apr 2004|08:35pm]
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hey guys, sorry ive been neglecting lj, but things have been hectic around here! lol as youve prob heard from liz and ron's lj's, we went to shampoo last night and NO i didnt get an STD and NO i didnt hook up with any puerto ricans! lol they were hot and WHITE lol no offence to anyone..yeah but it was really fun, i love clubs, i just could dance all night...i cant wait until i turn 21! lol yeah after that we went to tiffanys, yeah um never go there! lol we were there longer than shampoo! lol and some man was giving liz lip about paying with her dads cardf when we shouldnt have even paid at all! lol grr some people! yeah so got home at like 3, slept really bad, work up with a sore throat grr..and went to nyu...omg i cant even describe how much i loved it there...it was jsut so pretty and right near broadway...the first store i see when i get onto broadway in french connection and aldo! lol i already know that if i went there, id be in a financial HOLE! lol but i soo wanna go there...the chances are quite small though so im debating on whether to go early descion...it is just so much a place where i want to be :) yeah so then i had to go to passover dinner egh and i left early so i can go to the movies with my girlies liz and ron..ahh love em'..tomm liz and i are going to st joes...i hear its just so nice there too..ill tell ya about it later..mwa

ps. i love you aleks and i miss you so much! i hope ur having fun and buying me presents ;) haha j/k but serriously call me when u see some vonny dutch that u know id like! lol aleks and i still shop togehter in spirit even though shes like 3 hours away lol mwa

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april fools.. [01 Apr 2004|05:28pm]
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yeah so its sad to report, but im pregnant....APRIL FOOLS! lol ok that wasnt really funny but w/e, i had to do something! haha so whats up with everyone? today was a pretty good day except i did bad on my french test :( i hate that class with a passion...yeah so i couldnt drive to or from school which was annyoing b/c i felt i had to inconvience others! lol i lvoe you liz and mals! my car had to stay overnight to be fixed over...WINDSHEILD WIPERS! lol who wouldve thought? lol yeah but its ok now...today we have double chem, with mr. roach..lol i love that man, we just chilled, played some durak..lol i could get used to this whole band leaving thing...haha oh and alla got into a full on like confrontation with cendrowski..there was not yelling, but she freakign told his ass off..ah it was great! lol yeah that was just some of the highlights...we had a bio test today, its supposed to be the hardest test of the year but everyone had the old test which was IDENTICAL to the new one..im talking word for word...i felt so bad taking it b/c i looked up a rappy and he was liek smiling at me so i went and changed a right answer to a wrong one! thats how much i love him, im willing to give up two points on my test! hehe well spring break is coming up yay! im not going anywhere but i think itll be fun... nyu on mond and st joes with lizzy on tues! ahh so excited! lol ok im going to dl some new songs..hit me up biznotches..mwa

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